Helping Your Loved Ones Through The Immigration Process

There is nothing more important than your loved ones and family, but for those whose family is in a different country, being reunited can be more complicated than it sounds. The immigration process can be extremely difficult, and when it involves your family can be even more trying. The Law Offices of Christie S. Lee know the importance of reuniting families and know how to help you navigate through the complicated and often confusing process.

Family Visa Options

Depending on your situation, there are different options for green cards, visas and waivers that can help your loved one get into or stay in the country. Some of the immigration options we can help with include:

K-1 Fiancé Visas

A K-1 fiancé visa allows your fiancé to come over to the country quickly with the expectation that a marriage will take place, after which time the new spouse can begin the next process of getting a green card and obtaining permanent citizenship.

K-3 Spouse Visas

A K-3 visa is used to secure a nonimmigrant visa for your spouse in their native country, which will then allow them to enter the United States with you where the process and petition for a green card for them can continue.

Same-Sex Spouse Green Cards

With same-sex marriages now legal in the United States, the government recognizes same-sex partners for application for green cards. So if you are married or engaged to a foreign national of the same gender, you can begin the immigration process.

Parent Petition

Family is important, and there are ways to help get your parents over to the country to make your family unit whole again. Children over 21 can file for their parents to obtain visas, while those recently married to a United States citizen can also petition for their parents to immigrate as well.

Immigration Waivers

Illegal aliens who married United States citizens often faced deportation. If your spouse was deported under previous policies and required to reapply for a visa, filing an I-601 waiver can shorten the process and get you reconnected with your spouse quicker.

We Can Help Immigrants Who Are Already In The Country As Well

If you are already in the country but not a legal citizen, we can help get you through the process of naturalization and citizenship so you can become a legal citizen of the United States. Are you already facing deportation proceedings? We can help you with that as well. We will use our knowledge and experience to help you mount a defense against the deportation proceeding and can help you file for such exceptions as asylum, immediate relative status, or even help present an application for cancellation or removal which can help you apply for a green card based on good moral character. Don't go in court alone. A lawyer can help find the best options to defend you against deportation and achieve the best outcome.

Attorney Christie S. Lee Can Help With Your Family Immigration Needs

The visa process can be painful to navigate, so it is essential to have an attorney with the know-how to get you and your loved one through the visa process and united with you. Attorney Christie S. Lee not only has the experience but the passion, since she has been through the process herself and knows the challenges her clients will face.

Reunite with your loved one by starting the immigration visa process today. Contact us online or call our Modesto office at 209-710-5278 to set up your consultation.

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